2 Sun Shade Visor Shield Side Rear Window Car Auto Mesh Screen Baby Sunscreen !

by ATB
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$ 19.99
$ 8.99
2 Piece Suction Cup Car Sun Shade Style 17932!
Direct sunlight on vehicle windows can raise interior temperature dramatically, cause annoying & distracting glare and create dangerous and painful hot spots.
Keep one or two in each vehicle for shielding sleeping infants (and adults!), teenagers love them for reducing screen glare on games and music players and drivers appreciate being able to eliminate blinding sun and reflections.
Lightweight, foldable and easy to carry

Easy to open and fold.
Easy to instal with suction cup.
Fits all side and rear windshields.
Size: 14-1/2" X 17"
Protect children, pets and babies from harmful direct sunlight
Pull rings make them easy to put on or off