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1 Professional Camera Tripod Stand Mount Carry Case 50" Extension Pan Portable

by ATB
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1 Professional Camera Tripod Stand Mount Carry Case 50" Extension Pan Portable

The Vivitar VPT-1250 tripod provides a way to hold your camera or video equipment securely for filming or taking pictures.
You can tilt the head of this sturdy aluminum tripod or pan it from side to side for smooth filming.
The VPT-1250 also features a 3-way 360-degree swiveling pan head and a 90-degree vertical platform so you can position your camera or film equipment almost any way you need to get the desired shot.
The 3-way fluid pan head also features a bubble level to make sure your shots are aligned perfectly with your subject.
The Vivitar VPT-1250 tripod features multi-section aluminum legs that allow you to adjust the height.
The quick release mount means you can use this tripod in even the most fast-paced changing environments.
The center column brace and lock make the Vivitar VPT-1250 tripod steady and durable in any condition.
Easily check the feedback from your image captures with the steady and stable center column support.
The Vivitar tripod for cameras and camcorders features a folded length of 16.5 inches and a weight of 1.25 pounds making it a mobile tripod.
This tripod also sports a maximum load of 3.3 pounds making it ideal for use with most point and shoot and DSLR type cameras.
This Vivitar tripod’s rubberized feet prevent sliding if it is on a slick surface, and it is lightweight enough to carry when taking pictures on the go.
The Vivitar model VPT-1250 tripod is stylish with a silver body color and black plastic fittings.
The Vivitar VPT-1250 tripod is compatible for use with digital cameras and camcorders.
Simply connect your device to the quick release mount and you are ready to capture gorgeous shots.
This tripod is great for motion photos, wide-angle landscape videos, and even for family and group portraits.
This Vivitar camera tripod can be equipped with several different accessories for optimum use.
The Vivitar VPT-1250 tripod with bubble level comes with a case for carrying accessories and storage.
The thin but well-made stow bag makes this a go-to tripod when lugging gear anywhere, because it weighs almost nothing and takes great photos.