50 Disposable Aluminum Foil Oven Liner 18" X 15" - Pack of 50

by ATB
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50PK Disposable Foil Oven Liners Cooking Tray Baking Roasting Grilling 17.75" X 15.25" !

Pack of 50 reusable or disposable foil oven liners.
Aluminum Oven Liners catch overflows, grease and drippings.
Fits all gas or electric ovens.
Use them to bake, roast, reheat and serve.
When dirty, just toss them out and insert a new liner or wash and reuse.
Measurements approximately - 17.75" X 15.25"
Use these liners in both gas and electric oven REMOVE THE LINER when activating any self-clean cycle .