HQ Rush V Pro 300 Trainer Kite Kiteboarding Power Traction 3M 3-Line Surf Snow

by ATB
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$ 523.98
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New shape, new profile and more performance. The Rush IV Pro series are the easiest kites to learn flying.
Equipped with a third line for effortless reverse relaunches and ultimate safety, the Rush IV Pro series is the perfect trainer kite for a fast learning curve.

*Kite boarding is an extreme sport and can be dangerous.
*When using this product, always behave with extreme caution.
*Improper use can lead to serious injuries or death.
*Use this product only when physically fit.
*Never handle it irresponsibly (uncontrollable jumps or not using a safety release system).
*You are responsible for your own safety as well as the people around you.
*If you are under 18, these warnings and instructions must be read by your parent(s) or a legal guardian(s). This kite should only be used under the closest of instruction and supervision.
*Use of this product puts the user at numerous unpreventable and unexpected risks and dangers.
*Do not use the kite while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medications.

Important safety rules:
*If this product is designed for use on water, do not use it as a flotation device. Always wear a CE approved life vest if you use this product near water.
*Never allow anybody to use this product who is not sufficiently competent to handle it.
*Never leave your kite unattended. An unattended kite is an extreme hazard to any person in the area.
*When using this product, always wear appropriate safety equipment such as a helmet, gloves and safety glasses.
*Always use a high-grade kite-specific trapeze.
*Become very familiar with the kites’safety systems by testing them in non-risky situations.
*Never use this HQ kite or another HQ kite for jumps, flights (paragliding) or jumps above ground. When jumping, the risk of serious injuries, paralysis or death are significantly increased.
*Always inspect your material for wear damages prior to kiting. Defective parts must be replaced immediately.