5x Rooibos Tea Oolong Loose Leaf 9oz Premium Herbal Blend Non-GMO Sleep Flavors

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5x Rooibos Tea Caffeine Free Oolong Loose Leaf 8 Oz Each Can Total of 40 Oz Premium Herbal Blend Non-GMO

5 Canisters of Assorted Loose Leaf Teas
Includes: Vitali-Tea, Cold Be Better, Sleep Well, A Good Tea-fence, Skinny Sip
Rooibos Tea’s origins are rooted in South Africa where its leaves are harvested from the country’s native Red Bush.
The distinguishing reddish-brown color and bold flavor are the result of oxidation of the leaves.
Like its Black Tea counterpart, Rooibos is often enhanced with the addition of cream and sweetened with sugar or honey but is every bit as delicious and satisfying without the addition of any flavor enhancers.
Renowned for its widely believed health benefits, For Tea’s Sake Caffeine-Free Oolong Teas are a great addition to your daily health and wellness regiment. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!