1 Professional Stop Watch LCD Digital Chronograph Timer Sports Yellow Stopwatch

$ 12.59 $ 29.99

New Sportline 240 EconoSport Stopwatch All Timer Purpose in Yellow!
This new all timer purpose stopwatch is a top of the line quality multi purpose watch for single events and more.
Rugged good looks with a budget conscious price tag.
Its the perfect couple when youre looking for cost-effective performance timing.
Great for exercising walking running an events.

* 40" Nylon lanyard
* 1 year warranty
* Battery included
* Shock resistant
* Day of week indicator
* Minute seconds 1/100 sec display
* All purpose timer
* Times single events and unlimited splits
* Two place fast finish memory
* Accurate to 1/100th of a second
* Time date and alarm
* Large easy to ready display
* Time date & month
* Laser tuned for 1/100th second accuracy

* Color: yellow

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