3 Play Magic Sand 1.3 lb Kid Child DIY Indoor Play Craft Non Toxic Toy Colors

by ATB
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1.3 lb Play Magic Sand Kid Child DIY Indoor Play Craft Non Toxic Toy Colorful !

• NOTE - At this point specific color requests cannot be accommodated. Colors are randomly shipped upon availability.
Colors include: Red, Neon Yellow, Green, Neon Orange, Blue and Neon Pink.
Set of 3 Mystical Play Sand jars (180g each).
Total Net Wt. 1.3 lbs
Bring home all the fun of the beach with the Mystical Play Sand!
Build sandcastles, dig trenches, and let your imagination run wild with this limited edition formula that feels and molds just like real beach sand.
Plus it really holds its shape! Play Sand Beach Sand never dries out, clean up is a breeze, and it’s made with natural sand — plus a little bit of magic!
Kids safe (NOT under 3 years) - non toxic product.