1 Elbow Wrap Support Brace Elastic Compression Sleeve Tennis Sports Pain Relief

by ATB
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1 Brand New Unisex Elbow Compression Elastic Brace Tennis Sports Wrap Protection Available In Grey !
Helps relieve elbow muscle and joint discomfort providing reliable support for weak or injured elbows.
Its reversible and can be used for the left or right elbow.
Size: For men and women, measure around the injured elbow.
This elbow support fits sizes 7.75-9.0 in (20-23 cm).
Use: when the elbow is weak, stiff, or injured. Wear at night, during the day or during activities which aggravate the elbow.
If discomfort or pain results, persists or increases, discontinue use and consult a physician.

How it works: The high quality angle support is designed to offer firm and comfortable support.
It limits the movement of the elbow without slipping or rolling out of place.
Fiber contents: Rubber 40%, Polyester 55%, Nylon 5%.