1 Pc Folding Cane Medical Travel Seat Walking Stick Portable Camp Hiking Chair

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1 Travel Folding Cane Seat Walking Medical Stick Portable Camp Hiking Chair Stool New !!

The cane chair is the perfect tool to help you keep your balance as you travel through the crowds, into the park, hike the paths, and move along the walkways of life!
As a seat, it can support 175 lbs (80 kilograms) yet only weighs 1.58 lbs.
Cane chair acts just like a regular walking cane with one huge advantage it doubles as a chair with slip resistant rubber cane tips.
The pistol grip handle which provides a firm, safe grip when used as a walking stick.
When standing measures 34" H
Cane handle measures 6" W
Portable chair measures 8.5" D
Maximum capacity 175 lbs