Coffee Maker Porcelain Filter Cone 2 Cup Pour Over Brew Loose Leaf Tea Brewer !

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1 Pc Porcelain Filter Cone 2 Cup Pour Over Coffee Brew Loose Leaf Tea Brewer

HIC’s number 2-size Filter Cone is designed to brew 2 to 6-cups of coffee using the manual, pour-over coffee method. Making fresh-brewed coffee in smaller amounts allows for a more enjoyable, aromatic and flavorful brew.
No more stale or burnt coffee that was made hours ahead. Brew only what’s needed for less waste.
The pour-over coffee method is a time-tested technique, developed in Japan, that allows complete control over the quality and flavour of brewed coffee, one delicious cup at a time.
Pour-over coffee, also known as hand pour, is a method of brewing coffee by pouring a thin, slow, steady stream of water over the ground coffee.
Practiced by coffee lovers worldwide for the distinct, flavorful results, it requires water at a precise temperature, fresh, high-quality beans at the right grind, slow and even water flow, and patience during the brew time.