10 PCS Drinkware Descaler & Cleaner Tablets Plink Descaling Dissolve Tabs Coffee

by ATB
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10X Plink Drinkware Descaler Tablets Cleaner Dissolve Tabs Descaling Coffee Maker!

Plink Drinkware Descaler & Cleaner dissolves the toughest, set-in stains.
The hard-working, effervescent tablets penetrate and lift away stubborn stains, hardwater and mineral buildup and eliminate odors for a deep clean.
With no scrubbing, it's easy to restore and shine your drinkware.
Biodegradable and phosphate free.
Safe on stainless steel, aluminum, glass, and plastic.

Descale and clean your machine regularly to keep it working in top condition and ensure the best taste for your coffee.
Remove the minerals that build up in your machine over time.
If you use you machine daily then use this cleaner monthly otherwise every 2 -3 months or as needed.

* Dissolves tough stains & mineral buildup.
* Eliminates odors.
* Coffee Makers, Travel Mugs, Water Bottles & Carafes, Glasses, Thermoses, etc.
* Up to 10 uses (2 Packs of 5).