80PC Bottles Mini Clear Glass Vial Sample Black Cap 1 3/8 Tall 4 mL Gold Panning

by ATB
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80 Mini Clear Glass Vial Bottles Caps 1 3/8 Tall 4 mL Gold Panning Prospecting New !

These clear glass vials measure: 1-3/8" x 9/16” dia. are great to use for samples, favors, display, and storing very small objects or amounts of liquid.
Clear bottle enhances the value of your product line by giving it a sophisticated look and adds visual and textural appeal.
Ideal for for holding small amounts of perfume, body oil or just about any other liquids. Features a black plastic screw on cap, leak resistant, capacity: 4mL (0.135 fluid oz.)
Use them to store glitter or any other small accessories. Because they're made of glass, they won't react with the contents and can be sterilized.