100pc Security Bit Set Metric & SAE Tamper Proof Torx Star Hex Key Screwdriver

by ATB
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100 Pc Security Bit Screwdriver Set Torx Hex Key Torq Kit Slotted Tri Wing Tool

Our security bits are made of chrome vanadium and will allow you to open almost every-inch, tamper proof-inch, and inch security-inch fastener out there.
Save yourself a trip to the hardware and avoid the repairman.
This is one set that will pay for itself.
This set includes:
-Hex end to 1/4-inch drive adapter
-Magnetic hex bit driver
-Hook hanging bit "'Y" design
-1/4-inch hex to 1/4-inch socket drive bit and 1/4-inch hex wobble adapter
-8 Phillips
-8 Pozi drive
-9 slotted
-4 spanner
-9 torque
-4 tri-wing
-9 hollow tip torque
-3 torque-set
-9 metric hex
-4 square
-10 SAE hex
-3 spline
-6 hollow metric hex
-6 hollow SAE hex
-3 clutch bits