18 Rolls Tan/Brown Packing Tape 1.89"x54 Yards Carton Box Sealing Tapes Shipping

by ATB
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18 Rolls Elmer's Sealing Tape 1.89 In X 54.6 Yd Carton Box Packaging Packing Tan !

Lot of 18 rolls Elmer's sealing tape.
Superior quality with unsurpassed adhesion strength as compared to other acrylic tapes on the market super strong.
Thick carton sealing tape is recommendation for HEAVY commercial use!
Pressure sensitive - Tan color tape - 1.89 In X 54.6 Yd (per roll).
All climate compatible.
Withstands extreme hot and refrigeration.
Ideal for ALL packaging and storage applications - UPS, FedEx and USPS Approved.