2 Empty Plastic Pill Bottles Medicine Container Vitamin Capsule Case Holder Cl

by ATB
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2 New Empty Plastic Pill bottles With Screw On Lids Great For Vitamins, Pills, Capsules Drugs And More !
These containers are perfect for vitamin capsules or for storing beads capacity is 75 ml size is great for travel as well.
How many pills do they hold?
For pill size 00 as shown in our pics, they can hold 40-50 pills: 40 pills leaves room for a big piece of cotton, 45 pills leaves room for a smaller piece of cotton, and to fit in 50 pills you need to shake it a bit to help them settle or compact so you can put the last few in. See the pics above.
Approximate dimensions: 1" Diameter opening and 3.25" height
White lid closure is screw on.