2 Heavy Duty Magnetic Fender Cover 32 x 24 Car Truck Mechanic Work Mat Protector

by ATB
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2 Brand New Heavy Duty Magnetic Fender Cover Mechanics Car Work Mat Protector 24" X 32" !
* Color: Black.
* Size: 24" X 32".
This amazing magnetic fender cover is great to use for any cars and will protect as it is heavy duty.
It is ideal to protect car paint finishes from scratches and damages during engine repairs, maintenance and more.
The heavy duty magnets in each corner hold the fender cover securely in place.
Prevents tools and parts from damaging painted car body panels.
The durable vinyl cover cleans quickly and easily.
It will fold for easy storage, and can be stored any place.
It is great for that mechanic or for anyone that is looking to protect there car while doing work