2 Pc Nu-Pore Collagen Essence Facial Tissue Masks Aloe Cucumber Skin Care New

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Brand New 2 Pc Nu-Pore Collagen Essence Facial Tissue Mask Fresh Aloe !
Nu-Pore Collagen Essence Mask is a specially formulated mask with highly concentrated natural ingredients which penetrate skin.
It makes your tired skin moistened, elastic, and clear, relieving your skin from stress.
This helps moisturize skin, maintaining elasticity, keeping it free of blemishes and helping to relieve stress.
Vitamin E and collagen ingredients help to revive your skin, making it feel healthier and more elastic.
Natural and mineral ingredients help to make your skin clear, moistened, and relaxed.
You can feel the difference immediately after application of the essence mask.
For best results, use 2-3 times per week.

Listing is for 2 pc (1 pack)