2 Pack Set Moisturizing Socks Hand Skin Gloves Beauty Spa Nail Therapy Treatment

by ATB
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$ 15.98
$ 7.99
Luxurious Home Spa Treatment Moisturizing Socks + Moisturizing Gloves!
This Value set is great for keeping your skin healthy and revitalized.
Socks are made our of Shea Butter & Aloe Vera extract.
Providing moisture and nutrients to dry, rough feet.
Moisturizing Gloves are made out of jojoba oil and aloe vera extract.
Rejuvenates and soothes lines.
Provides anti aging effect.
Has a soothing aroma.
Great for a spa day, manicure/pedicure, traveling or just while sleepiness, this set is guarantee to keep your skin glowing.
A spa-like experience for your feet and hands in just 20 minutes!!