2 Pc Stainless Steel Tweezer Slanted Tip 4" Precision Eyebrow Hair Remover Tools

by ATB
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$ 24.99
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2 Brand New Professional Quality Stainless Steel Tweezer For Eyebrows Hair In Random Color
Available colors: blue, hot pink, green, orange, yellow and light pink.
At this point we don't offer color of choice.
Random color will be sent.
Precision crafted for a lifetime cutting edge.
Length of 4".
A cutting-edge approach to primping! Innovative contour no-slip grip in bright, vivid colors.
Durable construction with precision beveled-angle tip. Perfect size for make-up bag and travel with stainless steel, hand finished tips and color finish.
For best results, always tweeze one hair at a time in direction of hair growth.