4 Rolls Painters Masking Tape Blue 1 Inch x 18 Yds Less Edge Bleed Multi-Surface

by ATB
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4 Brand New Rolls New Painters Masking Tape Blue 1 Inch X 18 Yds Less Edge Bleed !

* Listing is for 4 rolls of painters masking tape each 18 yards.
* Size: 1in x 18 yds (25mm x 16m).
Blue painters masking tape is your solution for home and industrial painting.
It is designed to protect your wood, metal, and glass surfaces this tape is excellent and necessary for any painting project.
It will be able to withstand the bleed during painting.
It will work on a variety of surfaces and removes clean and easily.
This amazing tape is a unique asset because it allows amateurs to achieve a professional look from maintaining straight lining and correct edging.
Can also be used for holding, bundling.& sealing, color separation & painting on pin stripes as well as for painting & spraying.
Used in paint bake operation.