2 Scented Toilet Paper Rollers Tissue Roll Holder Replacement Spindle Bathroom !

by ATB
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2 Random Scented Toilet Tissue Paper Roller Holder Replacement Spindle Fresh Smelling !
Listing is for 2 pack, each pack comes with 1 roller.
* NOTE: Available scents: Lime, Rose, Lavender, Lavender Breeze, Fresh Linen, Floral Breeze.
At this time we do not offer scent of choice.
We will ship randomly.
Roll out freshness with every use with these scented toilet paper holders.
These long lasting  toilet tissue rollers are filled with non toxic scented beads that leave your bathroom smelling fresh and clean with every turn.
Each roller is individually foil wrapped to lock in the scent until you are ready to use it.
Universal fit replacement spindle for easy use on any built in, mounted or stand alone holders.
Simple to install or replace, just push ends in and remove.
Scented beads release aroma with each spin to keep bathroom smelling fresh.
Keep one in every bathroom to keep it smelling fresh and clean.