24 Party Tube Shot Glasses Test Clear Neon Plastic Shooter Bar Luau Birthday New

by ATB
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$ 24.99
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Party Tube Shot Glasses Test Tube Brand New Package Of 24 Pcs!
You will receive 6 green, 6 pink, 6 blue and 6 orange shot tubes.
Get your very own set of shot tubes. A colorful way to get the party started.
Set luau beach, new year's eve, holiday, Christmas, Halloween, cos-play, costume party, fantasy, football, bar accessory, night dance, club drinking, game decoration, mini flower bud vases, tiki bar, kitchen or dinning room decor.
Halloween dungeon pool beach party decor.
Brighten up your next party with these colorful acrylic shot glasses.
Add a gummy worm for extra creepy fun...
Sugar rim for martini shots!!!
Each shot glass holds approx 2 ounces of liquid and has a flat plastic bottom to help prevent spilling.
Perfect accessories for any celebration, fantasy football parties and year-round fun!