24 Pc Philips Alkaline Batteries 1.5V AAA LR03 AM4 Micro Exp 2026 Long Last Bulk

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24 Philips Alkaline Batteries (6 packs of 4 batteries) 1.5V AAA LR03 AM4 Micro Exp 2026 Long Lasting Up To 10 Years Wholesale Bulk Price !
Philips AAA LR03P4B/27 Power Alkaline Battery 1.5V Up To 118% more power than regular batteries plus they last up to 10 years
Alkaline technology is ideal for energy hungry devices, ensures power for high drain devices plus its 6x better than average Zinc Carbon
Complete range which means a battery for every need toys electronics and more.
The battery remains fresh for use for up to 10 years, every battery suffers from energy loss when not in use.
We guarantee that the battery contains at least 80% of its initial energy within the best before date.
Package: 24 Philips AAA Alkaline batteries.