25 Pc Storm Matches Waterproof Stormproof Coghlans Windproof Survival Emergency

by ATB
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25 Pcs OR 20 Pc Coghlans Windproof/Waterproof Storm Matches
** These matches are available in two different styles AS PICTURED, but one pack comes with 20 pc and the other comes with 25 pc. SHIPPED AT RANDOM BASED ON AVAILABILITY!**
This matches are great for storm proofs camping or as a survival kit
Extra long impregnated head that burns even in strong wind.
Flame burns for approximately 10 seconds.
Striking surface at the top and on the bottom of container.
Matches must be stuck on striker surface of the container. If surface becomes wet, wipe dry before using.

Wind/water-proof storm matches
Repair and miscellaneous parts
Burn in heavy rain and even while wet!
Designed to light in all extremes of weather
Match can withstand immersion in water and cannot be extinguished by wind, making it the ideal match when out in harsh condition