2X 6 Outlet Surge Protector Multi Plug Wall Adapter Tap 900J ETL Listed Usb Port

by ATB
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$ 59.99
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Set of 2 Surge Protector Wall Tap Adapter 6 Outlet Child Proof 2 Dual USB Ports ETL Listed !!

These set of 2 childproof 6 outlet surge protectors triples the number of available outlets compared to standard wall outlets and protects electronics from power surges.
This surge protector is capable of powering and charging up to 6 electronic devices with 6 AC childproof power outlets and 2 USB charging ports. A simple solution to keep electronic devices charged and powered on.
6 outlet surge protector allows you plug in 6 '125v' AC devices and up to 2 USB devices.
Provides 900 joules of surge suppression to prevent voltage spikes from damaging your electronics.
The grounded LED verifies that it is connected to a properly grounded wall outlet and the Protected LED indicates that surge protection is available.
Surge protector are ideal for home or office use.