3 Cleaning Cloths OptiCloth Microfiber Optical Glasses Lens Towel Car Camera LCD

by ATB
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3 OptiCloth Microfiber Optical Cleaning Cloth Glasses Lens Towel Car Camera LCD Random Colors Shipped !!
• DISCLAIMER - At this point specific color requests cannot be accommodated. Colors are randomly shipped upon availability.
Top of the line Handy and useful OptiCloth for wiping off fingerprints, smudges, or dust from optical surfaces.
Advanced microfiber fabric lifts dirt, oil, and even water from lens surfaces without lens-cleaning fluid.
Give yourself a little bit more of quality.
Premium quality lens cloth for polishing your spec on the go!
Also works well with cameras, computer, cell phone, Ipod and more!

Long Lasting
Compact pocket size case for comfort and ease.
Works well with cameras, computers, cell phones, ipods and more.
Machine washable for repeated use.
Measures: micro fiber cloth 6 13/16" X 6 7/8"