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3 Pair Insulating Foil Thermal Shoe Insoles Mens Ladies Trainers Winter Warm !

by ATB
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3 Pair Warm Winter Foil Thermal Fleece Shoe Insoles Mens Ladies Boots Trainers !

If you want to go a step further to protect your feet from the cold this winter, then why not slip a pair of these thermal foil insoles into your boots.
The aluminum layer shields the ground cold from the feet and a soft cushion helps to keep feet warm.
These insoles are ideal for foot conditions requiring added comfort and support.
They can relieve pressure on the ball of your foot and help with bunions and swollen feet.
By cushioning your step they will prevent heel shock, increase your stability and support your arch to help reduce aches in your joints.
For a proper fit, cut the template that matches your show size.
Trace the pattern on the bottom of the insert and cut to size.
* Mens size: M
* Ladies Size: L

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