3PK 82 Battery Storage Organizer Removable Tester Storage Rack Holder AA AAA 9V

by ATB
Save 51%
$ 100.99
$ 48.99
3X Brand New Battery Organizer 82+ Compartment With Tester!
Never search for batteries again !
Organize and store your batteries for convenient access and eliminate cluttered drawers.
Battery organizer mounts almost anywhere in your home or garage or fits in a drawer.
Mounting hardware and instruction sheet included.
Easily find the battery you need.
Battery organizer holds: Twenty five (25) triple A (AAA) Batteries
Thirty nine (39) Double A (AA) Batteries
Four (4) 9 Volt (9V) Batteries
Eight (8) C Batteries
Six (6) D Batteries
And up to Five (5) Button Batteries, depending on style.