5 Pilsner Glass Cups Clear Coffee Mug Tea Soup Beer Set Hot Cold Beverage 16 Oz

by ATB
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Top Of The Line Strong High Quality Beer Pilsner Glasses
The new set of 5 Glass/ Beer/ Mug of 16 oz with embossed circles is great for serving a pint of your favorite drink.
Get that pub feeling when sipping on this mug with a large handle so you can comfortably carry it around or hang stylishly.
This style goes well with all types of home decor, including traditional country decor or a modern approach.
Display back to back to save on shelf space and place with these tall and slender glasses are perfect for any beer and for any occasion.
Pilsner glasses are made to showcase the color, effervescence and clarity of the Pilsner style beer.
Perfect as a gift!