50 Plastic Transfer Pipette Dropper 1ML Medicine Science 20x400 Cap Graduated

by ATB
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50 Pipette Droppers 20/400 Neck Ribbed Child Resistant Closure Cap Top Plastic
New dropper pipettes with white childproof cap and clear dropper tip, can be used to dispense and store most liquids.
Great for solvents, light oils, paint, essence, electronic cigarette juice, eye drops, saline, etc.
Dripping speed: dropper can be well controlled, Measures 3.25" H from top of cap to bottom of pipette
Holds 1 mL.
These easy to use glass droppers make a great choice for dispensing a variety of liquids.
Dispense liquids accurately a drop at a time instead of having product go to waste.
Fits 20/400 neck size of bottles.