Lot of 5 Bamboo Wooden Toast Tong 12" Bread Bagel Bacon Sugar Ice Tea Salad Home

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Set of 5 Bamboo Wooden Food Toast 12" Tongs Bread Bagel Bacon Sugar Ice Tea Salad Home !

This set of 5 (pieces) all purpose 12" wooden tongs can be used for a variety of tasks.
Tongs are kitchen utensils designed with the purpose to enable us to take and manipulate food without touching it with hands.
Although, these kitchen tongs have more purposes. Beside mentioned use for food serving, they are also used for manipulating food during preparation, for work with food while its hot and similar.
Wooden kitchen tongs, unlike metal ones, won’t scratch bowls during use, wood does not transmit heat so you won’t burn your hands while using them even if you have a longer contact with the hot bowl and they won’t melt like the plastic ones.
Wooden tongs are excellent tools for serving various types of food, great and safest way to remove toasts and bagels from toasters, for getting off the meat and vegetables from the hot oil or hot water, plucking cherry tomatoes from a salad, french toast from the toaster, for turning meat on the grill, or simply to take a hot slice of bread from a serving plate.