6 Drill Accessory Set Adapter Power Hex Extension Magnetic Screw Tool Kit

by ATB
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$ 21.98
$ 10.99
New 6 Pc Drill Accessory Set !
Includes accessories to drive or remove screws, bolts, and nuts in any position.
Convenient tools to have. Multi-pack for multiple uses.
A great addition to the tool box!
Makes a great gift for dad, husband, or any handy friends or family!
* Multi-pack for multiple applications.
* Magnetic screw holder.
* Quick change holder.
* 1/2" Dr. Power Extension Bar.
* 3/8" Power Extension Bar
* 1/4" Power Extension Bar
* 6" X 1/4" Dr. Hex Flex Extension Bar
* Heat treated steel for durability
* Drills not included