1 x 6 Can Coolant Reusable Ice Freez Pak Coolers Lunch Boxes Freezer Home Chill

by ATB
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Brand New 6 Can Koolant Reusable Ice Gel Substitute Holds Beers And Cans 1 Pack Only !
Listing is for 1 pack only
Two lifoam blue Ice 6 can holds soda, beers, and cans.
This ice pack holds 6 cans.
And its non toxic.
Keep your drinks cool without the ice mess.
Cans fit snugly In grooves to stay in place.
Place in cooler for picnics and camping.
Freeze and use over and over and over.
Leak-proof construction.
Polypropylene bottle.
Unique shape.
Size: 4 x 2.1 x 8.8 inches