6Pc Self Adhering Bandages Stretch Wrap Sports Tape Support 3in x 2yd First Aid

by ATB
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6 Pc Self Adhering Bandages Stretch Wrap Sports Adherent Tape 3in x 2yd First Aid !

These set of 6 elastic bandage body wraps have many uses and are an essential part of any first aid kit.
Use these bandages to support and hold dressings in place, control swelling and ease pain, or to hold ice and heat packs on an injury.
These bandages are extremely versatile and work well as an all-purpose first aid and health product.
These are also self adhesive tape that sticks to itself, no need for pins or other tapes to keep it together.
Ideal for applying compression to injured muscles as it does not stick to the skin or hair. These are great for sports.
Measures of each roll: 3 in x 2 yds stretched ( 7.5 cm x 1.8 m stretched).
Listing is for 6 rolls.
Color: Beige/Tan.