4 Child Corner Cushions Safety Table Desk Edge Cover Guard Protector Pads New

$ 4.99 $ 14.99

Brand New Top Of The Line BabyDream Corner Cushions Protects Children Against Hard Edges 4 Pack Set !!
This set of 4 cushions protects your child from sharp corners.
They are big and extra soft to help prevent serious injury.
Ideal for the sharp corners of tables shelves and even fish tanks.
Keep your child always safe and avoid accidents.
Perfect for tables chairs shelves and other furniture.
Designed to absorb the impact of a child falling against or crawling into furniture corners.
Transparent material blends with all furnishings.
Easy to install just place on top of the corner or edge and it stays in place
A must have for any child proof home!
Installation instructions included.
Sealed in original package.

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