9 Pcs Battery Converter Adaptor Case Holder Size AA to D + AA to C + AAA to AA

$ 8.39 $ 17.99

9 Pc Set Of Battery Converters AAA To AA + AA TO C + AA To D Adapter Converter Holder Case !!
Are you looking for a battery conversion box switcher?
This battery conversion box switcher is made of high quality and durable material for long time use with simple operation and it is a necessity in our family.
What more this is a high power lightweight battery conversion box switcher.
Small item with great use the battery buckle provides you an excellent performance.
With it you can connect a high voltage battery to a low voltage battery.
A good help for you!
3 holders: AAA size to AA size.
3 holders: AA size to C size.
3 holders: AA size to D size.
Batteries are not included.Only for viewing purposes

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