5X Chinese Paper LED Lanterns Lamps Wedding Party Decoration Festival Lights New

by ATB
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Set of 5 Chinese Paper LED Lanterns 9" Lamps Wedding Party Decoration Festival Lights New !

* NOTE: Colors are randomly shipped upon availability. *
Paper lanterns add a fun and festive atmosphere to parties, events, gatherings or anywhere you could possible think of!
These lanterns are portable, affordable and easy to store. They are perfect for indoor or outdoor use.
Lanterns are operated with 2 AAA batteries (not included). LED uses very little energy prolonging battery life, they do not burn out and have a lifetime of 10+ years.
With no need for electrical outlets, these long lasting lights are perfect ambient accents for special events.
Featuring an on and off switch that makes it easy to light up your night.
Dimensions approximately: 9" H x 8" D when fully assembled.