Argentina Yerba Mate Tea Gourd Glass Tango Caminito Drinking Straw Bombilla 9662

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1 Mate Gourd Glass Stainless Steel Straw Bombilla Yerba Drinking Drink Handmade !!

This elegant mate gourd, with a decorative guard comes with a metal straw (bombilla).
There are three elements needed to drink mate, as well as hot water. The first is a mate, the second is a straw (bombilla), and the third is the leaves of the yerba mate herb (not included).
The straw has an extra large filter.
To drink mate is a tradition that brings people together. The mate gourd is refilled and passed around in a circle. Usually, mate is accompanied with biscuits, cookies, or other treats.
Yerba mate has the following known therapeutic effects:
1.- Sustains your energy levels.
2.- Induce mental clarity.
3.- Provides antioxidants.
4.- Boost immune system.
5.- Improved digestion.
6.- Relieves stress.
7.- Aid weight loss.
8.- Cleanse the colon.
9.- Increase longevity.
This Caminito Tango mate gourd is made out of glass on the inside covered on the outside with a beautiful print stitching, and a metal rim on the top.
Capacity: 250 ml, 8.4 oz approx.
Listing includes: Handmade mate gourd and 1 bombilla (straw).