Auto Sensor Dusk Dawn Photocell Light Control Screw In Bulb Socket Adjustable Wt

by ATB
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New Auto Sensor Light Socket In White !
Autmatically turns on lights at dusk and off at dawn.
Adds protect on making your house look occupied.
Saves energy by reducing light fixture operating time.

Easy installation:
Turn desired light socket off.
Screw in auto sensor light socket.
Install incandescent light socket is left in on position.
The light sensor will automatically begin to work.

For use in 3 way light sockets:
Set the switch to the highest setting.
Screw in auto- sensor light socket.
The light sensor will automatically begin working.
To test:
Cover auto sensor window of light socket.
Light should turn on.
Remove cover, light should turn off.
This sensor don't work with CFL light bulbs.
Use them with a regular light bulbs