Back Scrubber Bath Shower Mesh Sponge Exfoliating Body Brush Wash Nylon Puff Spa

by ATB
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Brand New 12" Nylon Large Body Shower Bath Puff Sponge Loofah Wash, Reaching Where No Other Scrubber Reaches Colors Shipped Randomly !!
This product is made out of soft mesh, crafted perfectly thinking in exfoliating gently your skin, body and scrubbing away dead skin.
Important note: Available colors: pink, purple, blue, and green, yellow!
Colors and styles are randomly shipped upon availability in stock, thanks for understanding.

With this soft sponge, you can have a comforting and relaxing warm shower.
Soft on the skin.
Rope loop for easy hanging.
Durable, long lasting material.
Great for liquid soaps and body wash.
Stretches approx up to 47"