Bear Claw Telescopic Back Scratcher Long Hand Instant Itch Relief Massager Soft

by ATB
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$ 14.99
$ 6.99
22" Back Scratcher The Claw Extendable Instant Itch Relief Strong Metal Soft Handle Massager!
World's coolest backscratcher.
Made out of strong metal body, comfortable cushion grip handle.
This scratcher looks just like a grizzly bear claw, in a smooth silver finish.
Semi-rounded tips on the claws so it won't hurt you.
Creates Instant itch relief...within your reach!
Comfortable cushion-grip handle.
Extends to 22" to reach upper & lower back.
Handle retracts for compact storage. Exciting impulse buy!
You should just be itching to get this item!!!
Available in blue, red black and brown
Please let us know which color you prefer when making the payment.
Otherwise we will choose for you