Beer Soda Guzzler Helmet Drinking Hat Mic Siren 7 Sounds Red Party Novelty Gift

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1 New Beer Soda Guzzler Helmet Drinking Hat With Mic Siren 7 Sounds Red Party Novelty Gift !
This helmet is the ultimate drinking gadget, fun, funny, functional and will definitely make a good gift for anybody !!
Sure to make everybody giggle, but at the same time, keep you refreshed with no effort at all.
Red soda drinking hat with microphone is great for all parties!
Makes a cool, practical, inexpensive gift, everyone can enjoy.
Purchase one for all your friends at our great low price Simply load up your drinking hat with a couple of cold sodas or beers and you're ready for a great time.
Each side of the hat has a tube fitted which you place in each a can, you place the other end of the tube into your mouth.
If you need to pause your drinking "time" and remove the tube from your mouth, there is a small clamp attached to the tubing which will stop you spilling your beverage
One size fits all. Adjustable strap on the inside of the hat.
Included are two beverage holders, clear plastic straws and shut-off valve.
Plastic adjustable strap inside helmet accommodates 99.9% of head sizes.