Blacklight Black Light UV Counterfeit Bill Currency Detector Battery Operated

by ATB
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This blacklight can be used for many tasks: verifying hidden security features on identification cards, passports and on most currencies with blacklights. Check for watermarks with the White LED Light. Great for checking paper quality on security documents and locating alterations and stains.
This light has a torch and tube mode. Blacklight is easy to use and also has a cord handle for carrying.

Do not expose eyes and skin to ultraviolet light. Rays may be harmful to unprotected eyes and skin. if discomfort or pains is experienced please visit a physician immediately.

How it Works:
* Slide the switch towards "tube" to turn on the blacklight.
* Slide the side switch towards "torch" to turn on the white LED light.
* Sliding the switch to the center position sets all lights off.