Bottle Cleaning Brushes 3 Sizes Flexible Soft Cotton Tip Clean Narrow Delicate !

by ATB
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Soft Tip Cleaning Brushes 3 Sizes Flexible Clean Narrow Delicate Spaces!!

The soft tip brushes are flexible for cleaning narrow spaces. These brushes are great for cleaning frames, models, small sculptures, computer parts, small bottles, fluted glasses, bird feeders, hookah tubes and so much more.
It comes with soft tips that prevent scratching. Use them wet to clean tube and bud vases and spouts and use dry to remove dust from computer parts or art work.
Made from natural bristles and soft 100% cotton tips and its shorter handle allows for a more secure grip.
The wire is bendable to clean hard-to-reach places.
This set of brushes comes in 3 different sizes: 3", 4" and 5".