Claw Magnetic Pickup Tool LED Light Magnet Grab Grabber Fingers Prongs 24" New

by ATB
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Brand New 3-in-1 Claw Magnetic Pickup Tool Magnet LED Light Grab Grabber Fingers Prongs 24"

* Color: Red
This 3-in-1 tool is flexible to reach tight places, has a LED light, 4 claws and a magnetic tip.
Retrieves both ferrous and non-ferrous objects.
Bright LED light provides excellent illumination to dark places.
Flexible shaft easily reaches confined spaces.
Durable chrome plated construction for heavy duty use, and will not rust.
Magnet securely holds small steel parts.
Claw firmly grasps small parts of any material
Press plunger and jaws opens wide / release plunger and jaws clamp shut.
Tightly wound spring snakes into tight dark areas to retrieve dropped objects.

It uses 3 Button Cell LR44 included