Contact Lens Case Kit Compact Mirror Travel Eye Care Saline Solution Bottle Pink

by ATB
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Contact Companion is a full contact lens care kit designed to go everywhere you go.
Inside you will find a contact lens case marked R and L, small plastic tweezer, two bottles for your contact solution and a mirror to assist with changing lenses.
With molded partitions inside, all items are sure to stay in place.
Case opens and closes securely with a snap locking clasp.
Great for use at home, in the office, at sporting events or while traveling.
With the Contact Companion there is no need to carry that big bottle of contact solution.
Simply fill the bottles supplied with your contact solution and you are ready to go!

* Contact Companion is perfect for your purse, pocket or briefcase.
* Great for Athletic bags and student lockers.
* Provides a mirror to assist with changing lenses.
* Includes two bottles for cleaning solution and tweezer for easy handling.
* Stylishly compact and convenient for travel & makes a great gift too!
* Color: Pink.