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Crinkle Cutter Slicer Wavy Potato Dough Vegetable Blade Knife Stainless Steel !!

by ATB
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This Choice 7" crinkle knife is a great way to quickly cut french fries, carrot slices, pickle chips, and other garnishments! It boasts a stainless steel frame and sharp blade that are held securely together by brass rivets to ensure this knife's durability and reliability.
It also features an ergonomic wooden handle for exceptional comfort and controlled cutting.
Whether you want to dress up your plate with interesting garnishes or create an added element of visual appeal to fruit and veggie servings, the blade's serrated edge is sure to produce the results that will get your customers talking. It's ideal for adding the finishing touches to signature entrees or even creating raviolis and crinkle cut fries.
The creative possibilities are endless thanks to this versatile, user-friendly Choice knife!
Overall Dimensions: Blade Length: 7"

Enhances the look of your sliced fruits and vegetables.
Sharp, wavy stainless steel blade provides durability with style.
Perfect to help you create crinkle cut fries, handmade ravioli, and vegetable garnishes.
Quickly and easily cuts through carrots, zucchini, and pickles.
v Wood handle provides a rustic look.