Frosting Decorator Piping Bag Cupcake Icing Decoration 2 Color 6 Nozzle Baking

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Baking 2 Color Cupcake Icing Decoration Pastry Cake Piping Bags 6 Nozzle Set!!

Cupcake Creations brings you the two color decoration set. This set comes with 6 different nozzles, 4 18" (46 cm) 2 compartment disposable icing bags, 4 12" (30 cm) 2 compartment disposable icing bags, 1 coupling set and instructions sheet.
The 2 compartment bags allows you to pipe two different colors and/or flavors at the same time, adding fun and creativity to your baking.
With this amazing icing set now you can create flowers, ropes, stars, borders and much more with 2 colors.