Dryer Ball Reusable 2 Piece Natural Way Soften Clothes Laundry Fabric Wool New

by ATB
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$ 14.99
$ 6.49
Now you can soften your clothes, towels and linens the natural way with no harmful chemicals!
The soft spines on the ball fluff up and soften by reviving the threads and weaves of your fabrics without standard fabric softeners being added.
Dryer balls are safe for all types of material and are reusable over and over, they will last you for years to come.
Your towels will be fluffier than ever before!
Dryer balls tumble in dryer to lift & separate laundry allowing heated air to flow more efficiently.
Dryer balls have a better air flow through your laundry, means clothes dry up to 25% faster saving even more $$.
As the balls tumble, hundreds of soft nodules gently fluff and soften clothes; safe for all fabrics.
Hypoallergenic great for sensitive skin.
Available colors: Pink and Blue. Color shipped randomly upon availability.