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Elastic Shoe Laces Tie Fast Triathlon Marathon Running Run Shoelaces Relief Gray

by ATB
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Brand New Top Quality Elastic Laces 35" In Length In Gray
One of the advantages of this laces is that they provide a more even pressure all around your feet. Ideal for triathlons and for running, you can adjust them easily and fast.
Great for kids.
We offer these laces in the largest length available: 35".
If you need shorter laces you just cut the remaining. Is that easy!
They're topped off with a grey cord stopper so they can be quickly adjusted for desired pressure and they won't slide out of your top eyelet the way a coiled lace will.
For normal wear, leave them loose enough so they expand only slightly when you slip the shoe on.
If you need a more snug fit, just press the button on the stopper and pull from the cord.
They're great for anybody that can't bend to tie! They make any pair of athletic shoes a snug fitting pair of loafers.
These laces are excellent for athletic use. Just slide the cord stopper down to provide the desired pressure for running, tennis, soccer or whatever.
A personalized fit with two different points of adjustment on the shoe, creating the most comfortable fit.
Expandable lace cords form to your foot and reduce blistering and bruising.
Uniquely designed for many different sports such as walking, running, aerobics, biking and other sports.
And finally, you never tie laces again!
Sneakers are not included.

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